About the TranSTEP approach

TranSTEP is a conceptual assessment approach targeted towards policy makers commissioning assessments and professionals conducting assessments. The acronym stands for TranS-domain Technology Evaluation Process.

These web pages will give you guidance on how to use the TranSTEP approach and provides links to other useful material that may help you carry out a TranSTEP process.

TranSTEP in a nutshell

TranSTEP is an approach to the assessment of technologies or technological applications that present challenges related to complexity, uncertainty and controversy over facts and values. In such situations the legitimacy of any assessment may be challenged with respect to its input (who participates), throughput (how is the assessment conducted) and output (the quality of the result). TranSTEP offers an approach where the range of participants is widened, the assessment process itself is made transparent and the output has been subject to broad review. In this respect TranSTEP aims to confront the difficult discussions as an integrated part of the assessment, conducive to better robustness and legitimacy of its output.

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Read an article about the TranSTEP approach here.

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