Transparency in TranSTEP

Transparency is crucial to provide legitimacy for the outcomes of the TranSTEP group. However, transparency must be balanced with need to create a protected space for open dialogue.

There should be transparency regarding:

  • The initial problem formulation and the background for initiating the process
  • Information of who were invited
  • Information on the participants in the group; including any potential conflicts of interests they may have
  • The initial list of assessments identified in the assessment review
  • Agenda and detailed minutes from the meetings, specifically focusing on points of consensus and points of disagreement
    • In the points of disagreement, the arguments for the different viewpoints should be noted although without linking them to specific individuals
  • Any input received from external interested parties
  • Any other discussion with commissioning policy makers, etc.
  • A qualitative, complete and truthful reasoning for the outcome of the process

This can be achieved by making a dedicated website for the TranSTEP project.

Filming the meetings, and publishing these on the website, will be a good (and time-saving) way to demonstrate transparency, but may feel uncomfortable for the participants. This option should be discussed at the first meeting.

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