Undertaking new assessments

In the case that no assessments exist that match the considered situation analysis and method reflection, the group may decide that new assessments must be carried out in order to provide answers to the problem. The group may have resources to undertake such actions themselves (such as organising a citizen’s panel). Or the group may encourage relevant problem owners or stakeholders to organise such an assessment.

If the TranSTEP group, after reviewing the current assessment status, believes that new assessments should be carried out, the group must engage in more detailed reflection on the required methods. Again, a list of methods may be useful to consider. The group should also discuss:

  • The mandate for the assessment
  • How the assessment may inform their conclusion
  • The composition of a potential assessment group, in terms of expertise, representation of different disciplines and/or interest, gender balance, etc.
  • The timeframe for the assessment
  • Funding and organisation of the assessment
  • If outsourced, the communication flows between the TranSTEP group and the new assessment group

Note that this new assessment does not need to apply multi-disciplinary methods. It may be (for instance) a traditional risk assessment, ethical assessment or foresight, if this is the knowledge lacking for an integrated conclusion in the TranSTEP group.

New assessment activities can but do not necessarily have to be undertaken by the TranSTEP group (assisted by the secretariat). However, if outsourced, the group should be involved in or regularly informed about the new assessment activities and outcomes.

Challenges: A challenge here is to secure funding for such activities. Another challenge is that the new assessment group will slip away from the framing of the problem by the TranSTEP group. There should therefore be close communication between the groups, and the TranSTEP group should also be prepared to revise their problem framing in light of feedback from the new assessment group.

Outcome of the new assessment activities: The results of these new activities will form part of the assessment basis that has been made in the assessment review step and will contribute to the results integration.