Success criteria

Having success in using TranSTEP depends on several factors:

1. In order to recruit participants to the TranSTEP group there must be a shared understanding among a sufficiently broad set of potential participants that the issue needs an integrated assessment.

2. The initiator of the TranSTEP process, or the targeted user of its results, needs to have sufficient openness to learn from the TranSTEP group. Such openness can be triggered by public controversies, but is sometimes restricted by institutional mandates, hierarchies or cultures.

3. The robustness and credibility of the outcome of the TranSTEP process will crucially be affected by the quality of deliberation. An experienced facilitator, a good discussion climate and sufficient time for discussion must be ensured.

4. There must be sufficient amount of resources (time and money) in the secretariat to host the meetings and potentially pay the travel and accommodation costs of the participants.

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