Who should use TranSTEP, on what issues, and when?

WHO should use TranSTEP: TranSTEP may be used if decision makers or other actors identify a need for dealing with an issue in an integrated and transdisciplinary way.

On WHAT issues should TranSTEP be used: TranSTEP is developed specifically with regard to assessing emerging science and technologies (EST). These are often characterised by complexity, uncertainty and controversy of facts and values; for instance with regard to potential market demand, reactions by the public, health and environmental risks, regulatory relevance, etc. However, this holds not only for EST, but also for other technology issues. Ultimately, the scope of TranSTEP  might be even wider since it is determined by the perception of a user that a broad range of perspectives needs to be integrated in assessing the knowledge basis for making decisions on a given issue.

WHEN should TranSTEP be used: TranSTEP can be used earlier or later in the development of a technology, application or policy issue.

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