TranSTEP & cloud computing

The emergence of cloud computing into the market has presented policy-makers with the complex task of weighing opportunities of innovation-driven growth against complex issues of transnational privacy legislation and the security of national information and communication infrastructures. The findings in this case, which focused on the creation of the European cloud strategy (EC 2012), indicate that absent of a systematic yet flexible approach to principled integration of different assessment perspectives, the de facto knowledge integration carried out by civil servants in support of policy formation is subject to agenda capture by industrial interests. In particular, the case study indicates the observations that:

  • De-framing of existing assessments is a necessary step in producing a trustworthy knowledge base for policy-making
  • Increased transparency about the balancing of knowledge(s) is needed to secure the legitimacy of policy decisions concerning emerging technology
  • ‘Soft’ methodology for integrative assessment could positively affect the quality of bureaucratic policy formation processes
  • Resources for more systematic inclusion of less powerful actors during policy formation is needed

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